Why the iPhone 5s?

A year ago I wrote “Getting up at 2AM for the iPhone 5”.  With Apple only offering the 5c for pre-order this year I”m passing on the 2AM CST shift.

I”ve decided to wait for the 5s.  This may mean old-school standing in line somewhere or perhaps risking walkup at a retail store on the 20th.

Why the 5s?  I haven”t done a lot of analysis on this but for own personal use I typically buy the fastest (5s) and midrange storage (32GB) . Since I spend the majority of my time developing mobile apps for iOS and Android I pretty much buy the latest and greatest from Apple each year.  With the fingerprint scanner and the camera enhancements I figure the 5s will have more of a potential developer impact vs the 5c.  Perhaps I”m wrong?

Craig Hockenberry makes a case for the 5c:

Today my customers are a mix of enterprise customers and mom/pop soccer parents–a mix of both 5s and 5c but more 5s I think.

If you”re developing apps for iOS and can only buy one which one are you getting?  For me?  I”m going to bed–5s it is.

– Gerry