Getting up at 2AM for the iPhone 5
September 15, 2012

In retrospect I”m glad I did since the iPhone 5 sold out in about an hour by all reports. I actually ordered 2 iPhones–one for myself and one for my daughter.

My daugher”s Android phone”s poor battery life is to blame as the main reason for her getting a new phone. That and the fact that all Android phones have large (4.5″ or larger) screens and she wanted something smaller.

My order was complicated by the fact that I am not eligible for the full subsidy since I got the 4S last October. AT&T wanted to charge me $299 $250 = $549. I wound up just ordering a phone using my wife”s upgrade for $299. I talked to AT&T today and they told me that I”d just need to activate the phone on my phone #.