Selling My Surface RT
March 26, 2013

Surface RT

As mentioned in my 2012 Post I bought a Surface RT back in November when they launched. While I like the device I haven”t had much time to use the device as I”ve been heads down doing iOS development and so it hasn”t gotten a lot of usage.

In January/February of this year I started doing Windows Phone 8 development on my MacBook Pro via a VM. When the Surface Pro came out in February I picked one up the week after they came out–the Microsoft store sold out but put me on a wait list and then got a call about a week later. The biggest thing about the Surface Pro over the RT is the ability to run Visual Studio (and thus do Windows Phone development). As an added bonus I”ve really liked using the stylus with OneNote for note taking in meetings.

Thus my Surface RT is going up for sale. I will be posting it for sale in the forums over at Surface Geeks ( The unit comes with 32GB, a touch cover, and a brand new Incipio Surface sleeve ($40 retail).

Ping me if you”re interested.