{360|AnDev} – A community Android developer conference in Denver
July 15, 2017

I just came back from {360|AnDev} (opens new window) and it was a great event. Although I’ve been to several of the 360|iDev conferences (e.g. Just Back from 360iDev , this was my first time to the Android event. One thing that immediately stood out to me was the number of speakers from the mothership (Chet Haase (opens new window), Yigit Boyer (opens new window), Nick Butcher (opens new window), Romain Guy (opens new window), Andrea Falcone (opens new window), Ben McCanny (opens new window), Nicolas Roard (opens new window), Doug Stevenson (opens new window), Florina Muntenescu (opens new window), Doris Liu (opens new window) et al). Conversely I’ve never seen a speaker from Apple at any of the iDev events.

As a side note, one thing I like about conferences in Denver is that the travel for me is pretty easy. From where I live (Kansas City) I can get a cheap non-stop flight and be here in an hour and a half. Additionally now that the airport has the train I can easily get from the airport to downtown for only $9 in about 30 minutes. From the train stop at Union Station you can then catch a free bus (or walk) the several blocks to the hotel.

360AnDev was a 2 day event (Thursday/Friday, July 13/14 2017). This was just the second year of the event and the attendance was a little less than 200 attendees and 40+ speakers. Of the speakers almost 1/3 were women speakers (well done John, Chiu-Ki and Dave). There were 3 tracks with sessions running from 9-6 the first day and 9-5 the second day. I thought all of the speakers were very good.

Having attended #IO17 this year and seeing the Kotlin sessions there it was nice to see that 360AnDev had 2 sessions on Kotlin. I attended both in part because I’m working on porting an app to Kotlin. It’s great to see the passion that the various speakers have for the language. Perhaps I’ll see a few of you at the Kotlin Conference (opens new window) in November.

I’ve posted links below to various slide decks and notes that people shared. If you have other links that I missed shout out to me on twitter @gerryhigh (opens new window) and I’ll update this post.

If you’re a Android developer put this event on your calendar for next year and follow @360andev (opens new window) for updates (videos will be posted in the next few weeks is my understanding).

Android Support Libraries from KellyShuster


The bytecode mumbo-jumbo from Raimon Ràfols

First Do No Harm – Droidcon Boston from Annyce Davis


Link to sample app for the session on Databinding (https://360andev.com/sessions/data-binding-in-practice/): https://github.com/google/spline




Android Themes:


Great notes by Kelly and Chiu-Ki: